Carson Wealth is a nationally-recognized, cutting-edge financial planning firm that serves thousands of customers tailored planning for their futures. As a company with such a vast scope, they manage hundreds of partners and their marketing campaigns. We at Simple Development were brought in to initiate an ambitious dynamic branding project. We worked with them to build a modular solution that allows them to easily navigate and automate page management and email marketing solutions in a way they can access and modify in their day to day operations.

Providing a completely custom experience for their clients, at scale.

Carson Wealth, a leading wealth management company, partners with numerous other firms in the industry, hosting their websites and providing resources such as webinars and ebooks for their prospects to download. To manage the branding for over 100 partner companies without creating specific pages for each, Carson Wealth sought the expertise of Simple Development. Our company specializes in creating tailor-made solutions for various business needs, and in this case study, we will discuss the implementation of dynamic branding and custom solutions for Carson Wealth using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Financial Services Cloud.

Carson Wealth HQ - Omaha, Nebraska
Carson Wealth HQ - Omaha, Nebraska

Simple Development built a modular and scalable dynamic branding solution for Carson Wealth using Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By developing new AMPscript, we enabled dynamic branding for multiple cloud pages, triggered emails with personalized sender profiles, and supported various journeys in Journey Builder. Additionally, we created reusable templates for webinars and seasonal campaigns.

This dynamic branding solution stores partner company data in Marketing Cloud and utilizes AMPscript and SSJS to look up and apply colors, logos, disclosures, and other branding elements. As a result, Carson Wealth can efficiently manage branding for its 100+ partner companies without needing to develop individual pages for each.

Distributed Marketing Solution

Leveraging the Distributed Marketing add-on in Financial Services Cloud, Simple Development designed several custom solutions for Carson Wealth. We built journeys that their partners could use from within Financial Services Cloud, which included weekly market commentary, holidays, and custom firm announcements. These distributed marketing solutions enabled partner companies to access relevant and timely information and engage more effectively with their clients.

Trade Notes with Custom Audience and Dynamic Branding

Simple Development created a custom solution that programmatically identified individuals affected by a trade performed by Carson Wealth. This solution built an audience for notification purposes that are required for compliance, ensuring that each email was custom branded based on the partner company, appeared to come from that specific partner, and contained only the trades relevant to that client. To achieve this, we employed extensive use of SQL, AMPscript, and Financial Services Cloud.


Simple Development successfully delivered dynamic branding and custom solutions for Carson Wealth, enabling them to manage branding for over 100 partner companies efficiently and effectively. Our innovative solutions not only improved Carson Wealth's branding capabilities but also streamlined their communication with partner firms and clients through the implementation of distributed marketing and Trade Notes solutions. The collaboration between Simple Development and Carson Wealth showcases the transformative power of tailor-made solutions in today's competitive business landscape.